Understanding the strategy behind the early holiday season

Understanding the strategy behind the early holiday season
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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - From Christmas decorations on store shelves to Christmas trees decorated at home, Halloween just ended, but the world is already getting ready for the holiday season.

Starbucks rolled out their holiday cups Friday, and one store actually ran out of them.

Strategy behind the early holiday season

It's that time of year again. We're barely into November and Christmas seems to already be here.

From Christmas songs that started November 1 on satellite radio to in-store decorations that were on display before Halloween, it's all part of a holiday season strategy.

"Get the music playing and the ornamentation out, it’s proven to be better off for those businesses,” said Trip Miller, financial analyst with Gullane Capital Partners.

Miller said there’s a method to this Christmas madness.

Research shows people tend to spend money when the holiday season begins, no matter how early.

"They tend to have the warm and fuzzy feelings of their youth and the great memories they have from the past and they start to spend money,” Miller said.

We found Christmas at Lowe’s, Five Guys, even a tree already going up inside Wolfchase Galleria.

Miller says research shows business are putting out decorations sooner each and every year to draw customers like you in.

"Those in store retailers want to do anything they can to drive those dollars and those customers in,” Miller said.

Businesses aren’t the only ones. A Mid-South mom posted to her Facebook page on Halloween night, “T minus three hours until the Christmas Trees go up.”

Miller also said he wouldn’t be surprised if this was a strong holiday retail season.

He says unemployment rates are low, which means people have money to spend.

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