Why the severe weather threat is decreasing

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - All weekend long we have been talking about the potential for severe weather. The threat is decreasing but still possible in some areas.

One of the reasons why the threat is going down is due to the rain that we are seeing right now. Rain acts as a cooling mechanism and can stabilize the atmosphere. When it comes to severe weather, a big contrast in temperatures can help to fuel severe weather. Sunshine can be a big player in creating that contrast by heating temperatures at the ground level and can cause big differences in temperatures between the ground and the cold air above.

The cold front and strong low pressure will continue to bring pockets of heavy rain. There still could be some damaging winds and an isolated tornado but the window for widespread severe weather is diminishing. If you have seen rain already, your chances are lower but for places in North Mississippi and west Tennessee where there hasn’t been that much rain and more heating, these places will have the best chances of seeing severe weather.


Sagay Galindo

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