No major voting issues reported in Shelby County

Shelby County voting off to a smooth start

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Election day got off to a nearly perfect start in Shelby county, according to Administrator of Elections Linda Phillips.

"Election day has been relatively smooth, really no significant problems," said Phillips.

There was a minor problem at the Parkway Village voting location.

The election commission says an election employee was stuck in traffic and the location opened less than 10 minutes late.

Voters at the Parkway Village location told us voting was very easy.

Lakissera Taylor, voter, said it went great.

“No problems,” said Taylor.

There were reports on social media that the Glenview precinct lost the keys to their voting machines and voters were forced to fill out paper ballots Phillips said that is not true.

"It opened on time, the rumor that it didn't open on time is false," said Phillips.

Shelby County voting

She said the biggest problem they've had is some polling places are running out of stickers.

"If that's our worst problem, we're in pretty good shape," said Phillips.

Talking to voters, you can tell there's a lot of enthusiasm for this important mid-term election.

Just ask voter Elizabeth Lea.

“Not only is it a wonderful honor that we get to vote but what a beautiful day to do it. Do it! You’ll feel better,” said Lea.

You still have until 7 p.m. to get to your precinct to vote and if you’re in line at 7, you still get to cast your ballot.

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