Warning signs you’re on a phony website

Warning signs you’re on a phony website
Watch out for these warning signs when you're shopping online. (Source: file photo)

(WXIX) - Scammers are getting good and even creating fake websites that look like sites you reguarly visit in order to trick you out of information.

Credit bureau Experian says online shopping fraud is booming, with a more than 30 percent jump from 2016 to 2017. There are some glaring signs, however, that the retail site you’re visiting could be phony.

Researchers say transactions from a foreign IP address are seven times riskier than average. According to their data, websites based in China and Venezuela are the riskiest to shop from.

One red flag is that the domain name looks a little off. The Better Business Bureau says a site with the URL “pandorapick.com” advertised what it said was Pandora jewelry, but buyers actually received counterfeit merchandise. The real Pandora site is Pandora.net.

Other tips are bad grammar in the ad copy, no encryption to protect your credit card and unusually low prices. You also need to look for a return policy.

If that seller doesn’t have one, don’t buy anything! And make sure to look for contact information, too.

Anyone with a computer can set up a website now, so it’s important to know the seller’s physical address and phone number, just in case there’s a problem.

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