Germantown mayor apologizes for comments telling ‘haters’ to go elsewhere

Germantown mayor apologizes for comments telling ‘haters’ to go elsewhere

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Germantown Mayor Mike Palazzolo posted an apology to residents Thursday.

It read, "I am emailing you today to admit a major error that I made in a moment of passion….It was aimed at those few citizens who attacked me personally, insulted me and attempted to defame my character during the campaign."

The error he referred to is the comment he made to the Commercial Appeal, which said, "Good is great in Germantown, and all the haters, they can go somewhere else."

"I made some remarks on Election Day and after 10 months of hard and serious campaigning I made a few remarks I regretted and felt it's never the wrong time to do the right thing and say I'm sorry to the community," said Palazzolo.

The mayor said the apology came after a discussion with his dad.

"I'm a family person, and I had a great conversation with my father, and we talked about it. And I think that would be the appropriate thing to do is issue a sincere apology," said Palazzolo.

Palazzolo's city hall challenger John Barzizza told us that he's glad the mayor apologized but other than that he didn't have anything to add about the apology.

Alderman John Barzizza has not formally conceded the race.

Germantown resident Ron Barnhart said that this is the first time he's seen something like this.

He said he and other neighbors are ready for the politicking to end.

“Everybody’s over all of this. They just want it to be done. It’s ridiculous,” said Barnhart.

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