High school student punches veteran teacher in face

High school student punches veteran teacher in face

BALTIMORE (WBAL/CNN) - A high school student assaulted a Baltimore high school teacher in class Wednesday.

The assault at Frederick Douglass High School was caught on video.

In the 14-second video, words are exchanged before the female student punches the Douglass High chemistry teacher.

The student responds, "Don't (expletive) get smart with me."

"I didn't get smart with you," the teacher said before following the student out of the classroom.

The school system said it’s investigating what happened.

The teachers union said more must be done.

"Of course, I was very angry when I saw that because we've asked that there be some kind of support for our teachers, and something needs to happen," said Marietta English, president of the Baltimore Teachers Union.

"Ensuring a safe teaching and learning environment for our students and staff is paramount to city schools,” city school officials said in a statement. “Upon reviewing the incident, school administrators will apply disciplinary action in accordance with Baltimore City Public Schools' code of conduct."

Back on campus, Douglass students and concerned residents are talking about the incident.

“Yeah, I think the children out here are losing lack of consideration and love,” said Jamal Talib, a Baltimore resident. “They’re not being taught how to treat others how they want to be treated.”

Another Baltimore resident had similar thoughts.

"If that situation's going on at home and they go out into the public, they're going to carry that same attitude, and the same situation is going to happen on the outside," said Marvin McDowell.

The teacher assaulted in the video is a highly regarded state science educator and a respected elder at a local church.

The teacher was not seriously injured.

She was not in class Thursday.

There’s no word on when, or if she will return.

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