Mid-Southerners gather in support of Mueller investigation

Mid-Southerners gather in support of Mueller investigation

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - People from all across the Mid-South gathered in front of the Memphis federal courthouse Saturday to show their support for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian investigation.

According to President Trump, the investigation is a hoax.

"It's a phony hoax. I didn't speak to Russians," said Trump.

Mid-Southerners, like Emily Fulmer, joined together demanding Congress to protect Mueller’s investigation.

"We need to let Special Counsel Robert Mueller do his job," said Fulmer.

Protest to protect Russia investigation

Similar protests and rallies have sprouted up in cities across the nation, on the heels of Jeff Session’s resignation as Attorney General.

Sessions claimed it was the president's request.

The man President Trump picked to serve as acting Attorney General, Matt Whitaker, once called the Mueller investigation "crazy" and said it had gone too far.

Whitaker now oversees that investigation, in his new role.

“Honestly, we’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. We expected Trump to try to fire Mueller and I think we’re moving closer to that point," said Fulmer.

When asked if he wants Whitaker to get rein in Mueller’s Russia investigation, President Trump called it a stupid question.

As for how much Whitaker gets involved in the investigation, the president said that's up to him.

Protesters in Memphis and elsewhere said it’s up to Congress to pass legislation to protect Mueller’s investigation.

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