Mid-South residents prepare for snowy weather

Mid-South residents prepare for snowy weather

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Milk. Check. Bread. Check. And don’t forget to find your ice and snow scraper. The time to prep for winter weather headed for the Mid-South is now.

Memphians like Talise Guy bundled up to air up the tires, fill up the gas tank and gear up for what might happen if it snows. The cold has already arrived.

"It's freezing, the wind is blowing, and I can't feel my ears," Guy told WMC Action News 5. "And people don't know how to drive when it snows. People lose their minds!"

In a video posted to Twitter Tuesday afternoon, Memphis Public Works Director Robert Knecht says his crews are already taking precautions.

"City of Memphis crews began applying salt brine to our city streets," he said, "including our bridges and overpasses, our inclines and declines and followed by our major thoroughfares."

Knecht says the city's salt spreaders and snow plows are now on standby.

TDOT trucks also applied salt brine to major routes, bridges, overpasses and the flyovers, according to TDOT spokesperson Nichole Lawrence.

"We have 29,000 tons of salt on hand," she told WMC Action News 5, "and stocked in the 30 salt bins we have throughout our 21 county region. We also have 500,000 gallons of salt brine on hand and ready to use."

The other weather prep priority: stocking up on groceries. Alexandria Spann plans to make some nice, hot chili.

"There's a lot of stuff gone in there already," she said about the Kroger at Highland and Poplar in East Memphis. "The milk is dwindling and the chili stuff was kind of hard to find. The bread aisle is looking a little slim, too."

Many shelves were emptied out completely. The mere threat of snow caused a run on meat, frozen pizzas and carbonated beverages.

Two baskets of food should get Kerrier Wells and her family through any snowmageddon that Mother Nature brings Memphis' way.

"We are ready," she said, "we are 100-percent ready! I feel we're so ready that the snow's not ready for us. That's how ready we are!"

Quick reminders to make sure your car is ready: keep a Go Kit in there with a blanket, first aid items, snacks and kitty litter, in case you need traction in snow or ice.

If you encounter winter weather on the roads and your car starts to slip and slide, ease up on the gas, steer your car in the direction you want it to go and stay calm.

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