Campus concerns uncover past problems at Kirby High School

Campus concerns uncover past problems at Kirby High School

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Reports from Shelby County Schools show an ongoing issue with pests inside Kirby High School.

Mice, ants and roaches were all found inside Kirby, which recently closed due to a rat infestation.

WMC uncovered issues at the high school dating back to 2017.

Records showed the kitchen was treated for mice last March.

Later that month, mice were caught using traps in the kitchen.

In May and August of 2017, Kirby High School was treated for roaches in the kitchen and ants in a classroom.

In October of 2017, the kitchen was once again treated for mice using glue traps and snap traps.

Crews set mice traps in the kitchen in January 2018.

Documents showed a request for mice glue traps was made in early February of 2018.

It wasn’t until late May, more than three months later, that reports showed the request was completed.

In early August, a "big rat" was killed inside a classroom.

Days later, this report showed that crews identified a “major rat problem” because of a poorly maintained greenhouse.

According to the report from the Shelby County Health Department, crews were cleaning up the area near the greenhouse when rodents moved inside the building.

Treatment for mice, rats and even snakes inside the school then started.

Crews set out traps, glue boards and bait boxes in and around Kirby High.

Eventually, the smell of dead rodents and urine caused problems. There were also reports of rats in the ceilings.

An SCS spokesperson said they’ll have an update on re-opening in the coming weeks.

SCS is also planning on holding a media tour of Kirby High.

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