City of Memphis hands out 1,000 Thanksgiving meals

City of Memphis hands out 1,000 Thanksgiving meals

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - For more than three decades, the Memphis Thanksgiving Day Dinner has served tens of thousands of the city’s hungry.

On Thursday, another thousand meals were served.

“It’s a traditional meal,” said Earl Sayles, director of Thanksgiving Day Committee.

There's something about Thanksgiving dinner – dozens of turkeys, yams, corn bread dressing, green beans, all being prepared by volunteers hours in advance to feed a thousand of Memphis' hungry.

“The homeless don’t get food all the time,” said a volunteer. “So on Thanksgiving they should come and get food.”

While cooks took care of diners empty stomachs, prayer, music, and even health services took care of the mind, body and soul. Baptist Memorial and Memphis Health Services were on hand for medical examinations and even giving flu shots.

“Imagine being in need, being hungry and having the flu on top of it,” Sayles said.

For the last three decades the event has survived on donations and volunteers.

Two hundred volunteers helped out Thursday morning.

“When you’re thankful you want to give to other people,” a volunteer said.

It goes beyond the food.

“Everybody is enjoying their life out here,” said a diner. “Enjoying their time out here.”

“You can see the gratitude,” Sayles said. ‘You can see they’re in a place that’s safe. Somebody can come, sit down and relax for a moment.”

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