Breakdown: Why weather can make you feel achy

Breakdown: Why weather can make you feel achy

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Have you ever noticed that sometimes a change in weather can cause a shift in the way you feel? You are not alone; there is actually science behind this connection.

When the barometric pressure changes, muscles, bones and scar tissue can contract or expand in the body. This can cause pain in the tissue, especially in people affected by arthritis. A drop in pressure can also increase the liquid surrounding the joints, which can make the bones feel stiffer and more sensitive to pain.

So how are we able to actually feel this pressure change? Tissue has nerve endings, which are sensitive to the weight of the atmosphere or barometric pressure.

The change in pressure seems to have more impact on pain than the barometric pressure itself. Typically, the worst weather for pain is cold and wet days. During the cold and wet days, people don’t move as much. The movement can help to alleviate pain for those who suffer from arthritis, so being stationary can cause additional stiffness in the joints. In addition, some research suggests that the mind and body are strongly connected and that if you feel good on a warm, sunny day then your body will feel better too.

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