Man suspected of attacking hospital nurses arrested on assault charges

Man accused of attacking hospital nurses

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A man accused of attacking two hospital employees is in jail now facing assault charges.

Angelos Washington, 38, was arrested Monday. Police say Washington was involved in incident at two Memphis hospitals in recent months.

Documents show police were called to Baptist Memorial Hospital July 16 after Washington hit a nurse practitioner, breaking her finger and neck. The victim told police she was taking care of Washington’s injuries while he was in the emergency room. Washington claimed the nurse was treating the wrong side, and that’s when he allegedly became violent.

Washington is accused of trying to punch the nurse in her face. She tried to block the blow with her arm. Washington left the hospital before officers could arrive.

On Nov. 11, police were called to Delta Medical Center after a psychiatric nurse said Washington punched her in the face.

The police affidavit says Washington asked the victim for his pills and when she explained why she couldn’t give him pills he reached through the window and punched her, injuring her eyes and head.

“What we want our staff to do is to be able to recognize those behaviors early and be able to respond to them in an appropriate way,” said Pam Neri, nursing staff development specialist.

In situations like these, Neri says staff members are trained using a non-violent crisis intervention program that shows them techniques to de-escalate situations.

Phil Willcoxon, CEO of Delta Medical Center, said all direct care employees must complete a crisis prevention course and maintain their certification annually.

Jail records show Washington is due in court Wednesday.

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