How to prevent deer-related crashes

How to prevent deer-related crashes

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - October through December are peak months for deer-related car collisions . WMC has advice from experts on what to do when a deer crosses your path.

Frankie Dakin with Shelby County Public Works said it's important you stay alert, especially on the road.

“Deer are wild animals and while they’re beautiful, they can be dangerous,” said Dakin.

He said in order to prevent these sort of collisions, they try to mark common passings that deer use.

Brittany Thompson said she's seen her fair share of deer toying with traffic.

"I've had friends in the past that have had accidents with deer jumping out on Houston Levee especially because of how dark it is and the winding roads," said Thompson.

A car collided with a deer Wednesday morning on Sanga Road, just east of Shelby Farms Park in Cordova.

Though the deer shattered the windshield and rumpled the roof, it didn't stick around.

Dakin suggested that may be for the best.

"Do not approach a dead animal or an animal that may be struggling to survive," said Dakin.

He said instead, call police immediately and call 911 if someone in the car is hurt.

Experts suggest, never swerve to avoid hitting a deer.

They said you're far less likely to be injured by hitting a deer directly than if you swerve off the road or into coming traffic.

Tennessee Highway Patrol said the best way to avoid a collision is to be cautious driving when deer are most active, early morning and night.

Slow down if you see deer and pay attention to deer crossing signs.

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