‘I think he’s going to have some nightmares’: Mother describes what her son saw in aftermath of bus crash

Mother describes what her son saw in the aftermath of bus crash

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A mother describes what her son saw in the aftermath of a charter bus that crashed in Arkansas, killing one child, and injuring 46 others.

The bus was carrying several teams who were headed back from a tournament in Texas.

The boys played for the Orange Mound Youth Association with football players from all over Memphis and Tipton County.

Nine-year-old Kameron Johnson, lost his life in the crash

The football coaches said these boys were like brothers.

They spend most of the year playing against each other in the league, but this trip of Dallas with several all-star teams allowed them to finally play along side each other.

One coach told said this trip to Dallas meant everything to these kids and that a lot of the kids never getting the opportunity to leave town until this tournament.

The bus that crashed was one of two buses, four to five vans and a caravan of family cars that carried more than 200 kids to Dallas.

One third grader described what happened on the bus.

"When it started flipping, I had got thrown into the other side of the bus," third grader Tyrese Richardson said

“He said mama, some of the kids were actually in the bin where the luggage goes, and so he was telling me how the police had to cut a hole in the bus to pull the kids out to free the kids, and how one of his friends...from the things he was telling me he saw some terrible things and i think he’s going to have some nightmares,” Tyrese’s mother, Audra Johnson said.

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