Boy, 12, still recovering after Arkansas bus crash

Boy, 12, still recovering after Arkansas bus crash

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Mid-South child remains hospitalized at Arkansas Children’s Hospital after a deadly bus crash earlier this week.

Marquez Dobbins, 12, was on the bus heading back to Memphis from a youth football tournament in Texas.

"When he was coming to he thought he was dreaming. And when he came to he was outside," said Latasha Tate, Dobbin's mother.

She said half of his body was inside, the other half was outside.

"And the bus was laying on his chest," Tate said.

The Memphis-bound charter bus filled with young football players, their coaches, and team parents flipped and rolled into a ditch when the driver lost control.

Dobbins was one of the 45 injured.

Three days after the crash he's still recovering at Arkansas Children's Hospital with eight broken ribs, cuts to lungs, bruising to his eyes and internal bleeding.

"I couldn't do nothing but just thank God. Because if you see the crash and you wonder, wow! How did they make it," Tate said.

She stayed up waiting for her son that night to make the overnight journey home.

"I fixed a great big meal for him and I said when you come in no matter what time, you come in it's going to be ready for you. And then I got that phone call," Tate said.

The call came at 3:30 in the morning, an hour after the crash.

It sent the 7th grader running back's mother racing down I-40 in the middle of the night to be by her child's side.

She said she's thankful her son is alive and for the teammate who stayed with him until help arrived.

“He coached my baby until the paramedics got there. He didn’t leave his side. He talked to him. He told him ‘move your legs Marquez, talk to me. Don’t stop talking to me, Marquez,'” Tate said.

She said Marquez is a fighter and eager to return to the gridiron.

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