Cooper-Young neighborhood’s cameras help police catch criminals

Cooper-Young neighborhood’s cameras help police catch criminals

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A network of surveillance cameras in one Memphis neighborhood is credited with helping police capture an alleged killer.

The eyes in the skies over Cooper-Young have seen their share of success.

When Jason Whitworth with the Cooper-Young Neighborhood Watch views surveillance video from last Thursday morning, he doesn’t just see a carjacking – he sees a success. The video shows several suspects follow their victim home.

They get out of a white truck on South Cox, and moments later, they take off in the victim’s Mercedes.

These suspects allegedly used that Mercedes in a murder Friday morning. They were arrested later that day, in a white pickup, identified with help from Cooper-Young's extensive surveillance system.

“This is the photograph that led to their capture,” Whitworth said. Residents in Cooper-Young are fighting back against crime.

Close to 100 cameras are scattered on buildings, houses, parking lots and alleyways. Those cameras have led to a bulletin board of arrests.

“These are kind of our successes,” Whitworth said. “This kind of tells the story of all the hard work, and the volunteer hours that have gone into it.”

Armed robbery, car burglary, murder and more -- all crimes where this video system installed in 2014 got results.

Whitworth says it’s taken $15,000 in grants, substantial private donations, and a lot of volunteer hours to set up and operate.

“This is a model of what some neighborhoods can do,” Whitworth said. “I think different neighborhoods have different abilities and needs.”

Neighbors in Cooper-Young want criminals to know one thing – they’re always watching.

“Don’t come to Cooper-Young and commit a crime because we’re going to take your picture, we’re going to give it to police, and they’re going to catch you,” Whitworth said.

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