City council members uncertain if stalemate will continue at Tuesday’s meeting

City council members uncertain if stalemate will continue at Tuesday’s meeting

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Will they or won’t they?

Tuesday at 10 a.m., Memphis City Council members will try to meet again.

It's the fifth meeting attempt in a week as an impasse over a city council appointment rages on.

The protesting council members have stated they won't be back until the next regularly scheduled council meeting on December 18.

Last week, Council Chair Berlin Boyd set a new meeting time for Tuesday and said the body would be taking votes.

“We got the grinch inside Memphis and we need to get them gone, this ain't Memphis especially at Christmas time,” said Memphian Michelle Colver. Colyer said the Memphis City Council may need a Christmas miracle to get along.

A protest by four council members who’ve no-showed meetings means items on the council agenda aren’t getting voted on.

“I just think they're wasting time and money,” Colver said. “They're not doing their job.” The Commercial Appeal's editorial board put out a column calling for the council to compromise and get back to work. The controversy started before Thanksgiving but erupted last Tuesday over the appointment process for an open seat in council District 1.

Council members Martavius Jones, Jamita Swearengen, Patrice Robinson, and Joe Brown walked out, leaving the group without a quorum so they couldn't meet.

The agenda included MLGW's budget and proposed rate hikes and grant funding for police body armor.

The members didn't return to standing meetings on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

Boyd said he will know Tuesday morning whether the group can meet and take votes without the members.

“We are extending an olive branch to our colleagues that left and saying that we want to work with you,” Boyd said after Friday’s failed meeting.

Council attorney Allan Wade has been researching how the group could meet and vote if the protesting members aren’t there.

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