Act Now: Affordable Care Act enrollment deadline nears

Act Now: Affordable Care Act enrollment deadline nears

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The deadline to sign up for health insurance in 2019 is December 15. Here are some important changes to be aware of.

Because of changes enacted by the Trump administration, health officials say a lot of people may not realize that the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, is still in place. You can also still sign up for health coverage under it.

The biggest thing that has changed is the tax penalty.

President Trump signed a law removing those tax penalties for anyone who does not sign up.

The marketplace on is still in place.

The Trump Administration hasn’t done a lot of advertising about the enrollment deadline, but former President Barack Obama is doing his part to remind people about the deadline.

He released a new video on Monday.

“So this year, I’m giving it to you straight. Sign up for health insurance at before the deadline on December 15th. You can do it right now," said Obama.

If you miss Saturday’s deadline, it will be much harder to sign-up for coverage.

You will have to experience a “qualifying event” to get coverage, like getting married or moving to a new state.

There are a couple of options available if you miss the deadline in Tennessee, but those plans do not have to cover pre-existing conditions like diabetes.

As for how much the plans will cost, federal health officials say premiums will fall by more than 26 percent in Tennessee. This will be the biggest drop in the country.

Health officials also point out that most people who enroll in Obamacare are usually not impacted by premium changes year-to-year because of subsidies they receive to offset the costs.

Again, the deadline is December 19.

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