Police boost patrols on Mud Island after uptick in car break-ins

Police boost patrols on Mud Island after uptick in car break-ins

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis police say dozens of car break-ins on Mud Island may be linked to the same trio of men.

Increased patrols in the area may have already put a stop to their plans.

Police say the trio dressed in all black like to strike in the dead of night.

Memphis investigators said they are tied to at least five dozen auto burglaries on Mud Island since the start of October.

“If we catch these guys we going to wipe out a lot of cases, I am just going to shoot straight with everybody,” said Lieutenant Colonel Eddie Bass. “We’ll probably wipe out 60-70 cases if we catch them.”

For weeks, neighbors on Mud Island posted to NextDoor about burglar sightings and car break-ins.

The Memphis Police Department responded with boosted patrols around the island and granted WMC5 the rare opportunity to go along.

WMC5 rode shotgun with veteran MPD Officer James Dillard as he drove quiet streets after dark, providing extra security and an extra set of eyes.

Since then, police said there has been a drastic drop in car burglaries, but investigators say the hunt for three behind the crimes hasn’t stopped.

Investigators from the North Main precinct believe the suspects travel to Mud Island to commit the crimes, and they don’t believe they live there.

Their tactic each time is like clockwork, according to investigators.

“A lot of times what they are doing is just pulling on doors,” said Lieutenant Karen Rudolph. “Whenever they pull on the door and they see that it’s unlocked, they will just open it up and take all of the items out. You know, they will bust out windows if it is locked and you leave the items out, because that’s just open for the criminals to take the items.”

During this time of year when our cars are filled with shopping bags, police say the break-ins and their boosted patrols should serve as a reminder not to leave an opportunity open for criminals.

As police continue their hunt for three men accused of dozens of crimes, keep your car seats and consoles clear of coveted treasures and lock up valuables if you can’t take them inside.

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