Memphis City Council could return to work after 2 weeks of fighting

Memphis City Council could return to work after 2 weeks of fighting

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - After days with no quorum and threats of legal action, it looks like the in-fighting with the Memphis City Council could be coming to an end.

The NAACP is calling for a special election for all three vacant city council seats if council members cannot come to an agreement during Tuesday’s meeting.

Council Chairman Berlin Boyd says a special election would be too costly, but he's hoping a resolution is around the corner.

“This is like the ‘Days of our Lives’ and the council we're not accustomed to being a drama-filled body,” Boyd said.

The saga has continued for 10 days – that was the last time the council had a quorum.

On December 4, four council members walked out on a vote to appoint a council member to the vacant District 1 seat.

Rhonda Logan and Lonnie Treadway were the final two candidates. Treadway dropped out, but Logan still couldn't get the seven votes needed for a majority.

Martavious Jones said Friday that Logan didn't get a fair shake.

“The rules changed in the middle of the game,” Jones said.

Jones says the council should have followed the same process for how they appointed council members in the past, meaning only hearing from the candidate.

This time supporters and detractors were allowed to speak. Jones says this might have hurt Logan's chances.

“I think what might have happened for her unfortunately the spokesperson for her did not sit well with my colleagues,” Jones said.

“I think the council made a mistake when we allowed the public speak on the election which we never do, this was a mistake on my part, and moving forward we will not allow that,” Boyd said.

But Boyd thinks the damage is done, and maybe the council should start from scratch.

“Just like Mr. Treadway, walked away to mitigate some of the damage and mitigate some of the decisiveness that's been going on the council,” Boyd said. “I think that at this point what we need to do with that's what we need to do with this particular candidate as well.”

WMC5 reached out to Logan to see if she had any plans to drop out of this race, but she has not returned our phone call.

However, we did speak to City Attorney Allan Wade, who said if all 10 elected council members arrive on Tuesday for their meeting, six votes will be enough to put Logan in that District 1 seat.

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