Shelby County Sheriff’s Office responds to recent safety concerns at 201 Poplar

SCSO working to make 201 Poplar safe

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Shelby County Sheriff Office’s Assistant Chief of Patrols, Cecil Booker, said his team is aware of safety concerns at 201 Poplar.

“If there’s something that we can do or whatever else, we are absolutely going to do it and we’re going to make sure our citizens are safe to take care of the court’s business,” said Booker.

He said the Sheriff's office is working to make things safer.

"We started doing some proactive things even before anything ever occurred," said Booker.

The concerns come after a letter written by District Attorney Amy Weirich in October to then-Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell was presented to county commissioners earlier this week.

In the letter, Weirich shared that 4 of her employees had been assaulted at 201 Poplar in the last 15 months, including one sexual assault.

Booker said the Sheriff’s office has already worked to address concerns.

“The proactive things we did was we changed cameras out. We changed a couple of cameras out and put four additional hi-def cameras in where they could be monitored,” said Booker.

He also said the department has added additional patrols and will go the extra mile to keep employees safe if needed.

SCSO Assistant Chief of Courts and Fugitives Claude Robinson said they will escort employees to their cars to make sure that they’re getting home and getting to where they need to be safely.

In the letter, Weirich also addresses the importance of having all D.A. office employees working on the same floor.

Ultimately, it’s up to county commissioners to decide if additional resources will be allocated to 201 Poplar in the next year.

County Commission Chair Van Turner said better security at 201 is in the best interest of all tax payers and they will address when they work on budgets.

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