Memphis criminal investigator may face deposition

Rape kit hearing

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The legal battle between the City of Memphis and rape victims is set to pick back up Monday.

The City of Memphis has made a motion to stop the head of the Sex Crimes Unit, Major Don Crowe, from facing deposition.

Rape survivors have accused the city of neglect, in failing to test thousands of rape kits over the past three decades.

Ultimately, the decision whether to consider the city’s motion will be left up to a Shelby County judge.

WMC spoke to attorney Daniel Lofton and one of his clients, Valencia Woodin, in May.

"The city has been trying to have the case dismissed since day one. Every day since day one it has failed in getting that dismissal," said Lofton.

Woodin said she attends every hearing but acknowledged that they often re-open emotional wounds.

"To me as a victim, it takes a lot of courage because we have to relive the same wounds, the same scars, the same dreams, nightmares," said Woodin.

If Major Crowe is deposed, a judge ruled the media won't be allowed inside to hear his answers.

He is scheduled to be deposed on Thursday.

This could change, depending on what the judge decides after hearing the city's request Monday.

No matter what decision comes down, rape survivors vow to fight on toward justice.

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