Memphis news reporter charged with domestic assault

News reporter charged with domestic assault

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis reporter Scott Madaus was arrested Saturday night on a domestic assault charge.

Madaus works for Fox 13.

According to an affidavit, the victim said she and Madaus had been arguing for an hour. After a few glasses of wine, the argument then increased.

While they argued, the victim began packing luggage in an attempt to leave the residence.

She told Madaus she was leaving and he then stood in front of the door.

The victim asked, "What are you doing? Are you not going to let me leave?"

She sat down on the couch and Madaus grabbed her luggage, placed it on the front porch and shut the door.

The victim said Madaus also started vandalizing the residence while they argued.

Afraid for her safety, she ran into a bedroom and locked herself in the room.

She said she could hear the slide of a handgun racking while she was locked in the room.

The victim said Madaus began punching and kicking the door in an attempt to get in.

Once he got in, police said he pushed the victim and began vandalizing the room.

Upon arrival, officers found the home vandalized and a scratch on the victim's neck.

She told them the scratch came from wood chips hitting her neck when Madaus broke the door down to get inside the room.

Madaus became irate when the officers entered and yelled, "Get out of my house! You're not allowed to be here."

While placing him in handcuffs, police also found two handguns on him.

Fox 13 Vice President and General Manager Susan Connor released a statement in regards to the arrest.

She said WHBQ-TV does not comment on personal matters with its employees.

Madaus has since made bail and will face a judge Monday.

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