Southaven residents confront mayor about removing Christmas signs

Southaven residents confront mayor about removing Christmas signs

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Southaven neighbors faced off against the city’s mayor Tuesday night after signs to their popular Christmas attraction were pulled up.

There was no miracle on Springfield Cove at Tuesday night's meeting of the Southaven mayor and Board of Aldermen.

A 35-year tradition that will end this year that allows Southaven boys and girls to share this Christmas wishes with Santa.

That Is why the residents who put this event on each year have a lumps of coal for the city after their signs leading people here were pulled up by the city.

This year, the signs telling visitors how to get there were moved by the city of Southaven.

The people putting on the Christmas event, even Santa and Mrs. Claus, showed up to ask the board what can be done.

“These girls have put on this, I’ve worked with them for two decade,” said the man dressed as Santa Claus. “It’s a community effort, I think if the mayor of Southaven would just stand up and say put your signs up for three days.”

The problem is these signs pointing the way to the Christmas on Springfield Cove used to be next to the road in the right of way, until the city pulled them up a week or so ago.

Now that they are moved further from the road, even Santa and his reindeer couldn't find their way.

"It was a personal attack on Christmas on Springfield Cove,” said organizer Debbie Magee. “Mayor’s own words tonight he loves Christmas on Springfield Cove.”

Yet, the mayor didn’t give permission to move the signs closer to the road, saying code enforcement did its job removing the signs and that the board would have to come up with a solution.

But with every suggestion, the city attorney said it couldn't be done.

“I don’t believe this was just a code enforcement officer doing his job because those signs have been there for 35 years,” said one person.

This Friday and Saturday will be the last Christmas on Springfield Cove.

The mayor didn’t give a reason for why the signs were moved but did say there could be legal issues from businesses who want the same sign consideration.

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