Memphis Tigers wrap up final practice before Birmingham Bowl

Tigers face off against bowl opponent Wake Forest at the bowling alley

Memphis Tigers wrap up final practice before Birmingham Bowl
Memphis Tigers practice for Birmingham Bowl on Thursday (Source: WMC Action News 5)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WMC) - There are less than 48 hours to go before the Memphis Tigers face Wake Forest in the Birmingham Bowl.

The Tigers wrapped up their final practice of the week Thursday before walk through on Friday.

The end of the year marks the end of careers for two Tigers who've seen it all, both bad and good, at Memphis.

Jackson Dillon and Sam Craft, two sixth year seniors, are making their final appearance in blue and gray.

While injuries limited their playing careers, they both say helping the U of M earn victories has been more than worth it.

"I feel like I had more ups than downs, and that's the best part of it,” Craft said. “I can take from this. I'm thankful to have this opportunity to come play in the Birmingham Bowl again. Hopefully we can finish it off the right way."

Memphis Tigers wrap up final practice before Birmingham Bowl

"Just lay it all on the line for my teammates and come out with the W,” Dillon said. “That's what we're here for. I want to win. We all want to win. That's why we came down here. Not for the events or any of that. We came to play football to win."

The Tigers also spent time visiting Birmingham Children’s Hospital and the Exceptional Foundation in Birmingham!

The Memphis Tigers don't face the Wake Forest Deacons in the Birmingham Bowl until Saturday, but that doesn't mean the two teams can't compete until then!

The two schools hit the bowling lanes Thursday, and WMC Action News 5 Sports Director Jarvis Greer was there for the all action.

It was the first competition between Wake Forest and Memphis that allowed them to go up against each other.

Memphis Tigers hit the bowling lanes vs. Wake Forest

Whether it's bowling or football, these guys are going to have a good time!

Wake Forest might have technically won the bowling game, but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll win the Birmingham Bowl this weekend.

Catch the action Saturday at 11 a.m. CDT on ESPN.

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