Tigers visit Civil Rights Institute of Birmingham

Tigers visit Civil Rights Institute of Birmingham

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The Memphis Tigers Football team is in Birmingham this week for Saturday’s Bowl Game against Wake Forest.

Aside from daily practices, the Tigers took time to see the sights of the city as part of Bowl Festivities.

Those sights included a very emotional visit to the Civil Rights Institute of Birmingham.

The Tigers learned of the city's poignant history during the Civil Rights Movement, from non-violent protests to the Bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church next that killed 4 black girls who were preparing for Sunday school.

The images left an indelible mark on the players.

"Kind of gets through to your heart a little bit.. That people lived in that day and age now they sacrificed for their families, but it's pretty powerful seeing our history in the United States," said Linebacker Austin Hall.

Defensive Lineman Joseph Dorceus said some form of this injustice still happens to this day.

“That’s why people are constantly fighting because not everything is in order how it’s supposed to be. But everybody needs to spread the love because we are all God’s children and everything needs to be that way,” said Dorceus.

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