Orange Mound Youth Association back on the gridiron since death of teammate

Kameron Johnson memorial game

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Players with the Orange Mound Youth Association competed for the first time since the death of their teammate, Kameron Johnson.

The 9-year-old was killed in a bus crash outside Little Rock earlier this month, as the team returned from a championship tournament in Dallas.

OMYA league administrator Latashia Streeter told WMC the team gathered in support of Kameron.

“We’ve come together today to show our support for Kam and all the families who were affected by the bus crash. We are excited it’s a healing process and we just want to come together and we thank everyone for coming out today,” said Streeter

“I know that we are 11 teams and we are all one family,” said one teammate.

“One family” was the theme of the All Star Memorial game played in Kameron’s honor.

Donations were collected for all crash victims.

"They are super super pumped up today. They are really excited about playing and being here for their fellow players, the players who could not participate they are on our sidelines today and we are excited about that," said Streeter.

Christian Brothers High School and several sponsors hosted the event against the Memphis Shelby PAL.

Families from across the Mid-South said they showed up in celebration of Kameron’s life.

His mother was also present and embraced the OMYA league administrator in an expression of gratitude.

"Know that God is in control and we are so here for you and your family," said Streeter.

Kameron’s teammates said the football game was all about remembering their friend.

“I wish he was down here playing with us having a good time,” said one teammate.

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