Neighbors oppose company’s gravel pit proposal

Neighbors fighting proposed gravel pit

ROSEMARK, TN (WMC) - Memphis Stone and Gravel company has its sights on a 173-acre piece of property in the Rosemark community and residents are not happy about it.

They said the gravel plant is a bad idea for their neighborhood, expressing fears of driving down property values and safety issues.

The company held a community meeting Thursday night.

Memphis Stone and Gravel wants to mine for sand and gravel for road base materials and other aggregates, by sending gravel trucks up and down the rural road up to 150 times a day.

Longtime Rosemark resident Trip Jones said Memphis Stone and Gravel has been trying to move into the neighborhood since 2006.

“Let me ask you, would 300 trucks adversely affect your road or your property? Yes it would,” said Jones.

He said the company first tried to move in Tipton county, then applied for a special permits in Shelby County in 2011.

Jones keeps detailed records of the neighborhood spending thousands of dollars to fight the company in courts.

“There should be some sort of statue that would prevent communities from having to go through this,” said Jones.

Memphis Stone and Gravel spokesman Gene Bryan hosted the meeting.

He said the company has made significant improvements, including plans to widen Rosemark Road and building berms to deal with noise.

“Some people have said they are just tired. Why keep coming back? Because sand and gravel deposits are getting fewer and further. I mean it’s just not a lot of it,” said Bryan.

Jones said it’s time to move on.

“What happened over the last decade, the community has grown up around this project. They didn’t do anything with it when they first got the permit, it’s too late,” said Jones.

Memphis Stone and Gravel also said if they are denied again then the next possible site will be in Tate county.

This means that home builders may have to pay 2 to 3 times more for a ton of sand and gravel.

The company will go before the Shelby County Land Use and Control board January 10 to appeal for gravel pit.

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