Mississippi car tags are getting a makeover

Residents react to new design.

Mississippi car tags are getting a makeover
Car tags getting makeovers.

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Mississippi will soon have a new state license plate!

The new design will replace the old B.B. King Guitar with the state seal on a golden-brown background.

The state will roll out the new plates in January with no additional cost to residents.

Here’s what some of you have to say about the new design.

Jeffery Marshall says, “I actually like that I mean, I think that would be a great idea. It kind of symbolizes what Mississippi is, like we’re lowkey a golden state. And that can kind of carry on a new tradition.”

Patrick Mallory agrees. He says, “I feel like it’s a good dense color. Like just for Mississippi, I feel like you know it gives it that smooth characteristic of you know this is where we come from, the culture.”

Stephanie Stoddard says, “The color is just a little different and it just stands out from the rest of them. It sounds really cool. I think it will be very eye catching.”

Whether you’re renewing your tag or buying a new plate next month, you’ll be getting a plate with the new design.

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