Boy, 9, uses life savings to shop for homeless shelter

9-year-old boy uses life savings to shop for homeless shelter

ROCK ISLAND, IL (WQAD/CNN) - A boy in Illinois told his dad he wanted to use the money from his savings to do something for the homeless.

Nine-year-old Nathan Simons took about $150 out of his life savings.

Ethan Simons was hesitant at first, but now he’s matching his son’s donation dollar-for-dollar.

“I’m donating most of my money from the savings account to Christian Care down at the homeless shelter,” the boy told a bank teller.

With nearly $300 in his pocket and a list of everything he needs, the fourth grader filled a shopping cart with everything from half a dozen pairs of shoes to barbecue sauce.

He filled up the shopping cart until it was nearly too heavy to steer.

"I mean, it feels good. I wish I could have it myself, but I have to think about other people sometimes," Nathan said.

His dad helped him stay on budget.

"It makes me feel happy and proud of myself," Nathan said.

With everything paid for, father and son delivered the donations to Christian Care, where they were greeted by Cindi Gramenz, a development coordinator.

"To know that somebody that age is thinking about other people in his community and what they don't have and what he can do for them is pretty amazing," Gramenz said.

With these groceries and clothes given away, Nathan and his dad are pleased.

"Yeah, you did a good thing today, my son,” Ethan Simons told Nathan. “Not many people can say they emptied their savings account and went shopping for a homeless shelter."

Nathan wants to leave an impression so others will give, too. His older sister is a Marine and he wanted to make sure the veterans staying at the shelter were taken care of.

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