Local restaurants brace for slow period

Local restaurants brace for slow period

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - January is typically a slow time for most industries, and the hospitality industry is no exception.

People are more cash-strapped after the holiday season or trying to stick to a new diet.

Chef Kelly English is calling for help to fill shops and tables at local spots

He asked for us to give a little love to local spots during one the slowest times of the year.

"We go from such a great time of year for businesses especially in restaurants to January, where they are done eating. They are done being away from home and most people have a lot of New Year resolutions," said English.

Those resolutions likely include the hope of dropping a few pounds in the new year and trying to save few bucks.

It is a change that restaurants like Second Line track.

“We have trends that we pay attention to, that we track through our business through the last ten years that we’ve been open. This along with the Fourth of July week is two of the slowest weeks of the year,” said English.

These two slow weeks have English and his team adjusting what and how much they purchase.

He took to social media with his gentle reminder.

English’s tweet and Facebook post brought Paul Woods and his family in from Germantown for lunch.

“Yep, just wasting time this morning. The kids were doing some chores and saw the tweet and said you know we haven’t been down there in a while let’s go,” said Woods.

They provided much needed business that keeps restaurant doors open during this slow time of the year and staff the hours they need.

English suggests if you’re going to eat out, then go eat at a small business.

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