Carjacking suspect arrested after crashing vehicle near Poplar and McLean

Carjacking suspect arrested after police chase

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A police chase with a carjacking suspect ended in a crash Friday afternoon.

Officers began chasing the suspect around 3:30 p.m. The suspect’s vehicle hit multiple cars during the chase, but eventually crashed near Poplar and North McLean.

Austin Smith watched the high speed police chase end with a violent crash at Poplar and McLean.

"This guy wasn't going the speed limit. This guy was doing 80. And just flies into the intersection and absolutely just dusts this Mercedes," said Smith.

Even after the bad accident immobilized his car, the suspect still tried to get away.

“What was more concerning, the driver of the vehicle climbs out of the sunroof, starts running from the cops. Cops start chasing him. I told my buddy to get down, I was relieved to see he did not pull a gun. He only made it about 15 yards on foot before he got tackled,” said Smith.

A carjacking suspect crashed near Poplar and McLean.
A carjacking suspect crashed near Poplar and McLean.

The suspect was later identified by police as 33-year-old Patrick Vaughn

Vaughn and his female passenger were taken to the hospital. They’re both expected to be OK.

According to police, Vaughn had a loaded handgun in his car.

A gun, ecstacy, marijuana and cocaine were also found on the the suspect.

According to court records, Vaughn has been arrested dozens of times since he turned 19 and has served several years in prison.

His most common charges include theft, burglary and identity theft. He led Memphis police on another chase in 2017.

Smith said Friday's car chase, which ended in minor injuries, could have been much worse.

"This guy is a bad hombre that they were chasing. This guy has got dozens of cops around him within seconds. This is a bad guy that they were chasing. And frankly it is a miracle and a testament to our police force that everybody walked away from this thing unscathed," said Smith.

Vaughn is now charged with 5 felonies.

He is also awaiting trial in a different burglary and theft case from 2017.

It is unclear if the woman will face charges.

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