Global Cafe helps immigrants and refugees

Global Cafe helps immigrants, refugees

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A local restaurant is gaining national attention and it’s not because of the food.

The lunch rush at Global Cafe in Crosstown Concourse is similar to any other restaurant, but the Sudanese, Syrian and Nepalese food is very unusual.

The employees are all immigrants from the country whose food they serve and many are refugees.

Fellow Switzerland immigrant Sabine Langer came up with the idea.

"I saw their passion and how hard they work. And how financially it was impossible for them to open a restaurant," said Langer.

Indra Sunuwar’s family immigrated to the Bluff City from Nepal seven years ago.

They not only share their family’s traditional Nepalese recipes, but their stories as well.

"It makes them happy and it makes me happy. So I think yeah. And also it's a great way to connect with people and society," said Sunuwar.

The cafe gained national attention from a recent NPR article profiling the business.

It showed how most customers often leave with a deeper understanding of life as an immigrant, on top of a full belly.

General manager Juan Viramontes said not everyone is going to understand immigration.

“Not everybody agrees on a lot of terms of politics. But everybody [loves] food. That’s common grounds for everybody no matter where you come from,” said Viramontes.

The chefs attribute the deliciousness of their food to a secret ingredient.

Sunuwar said they use love.

“It’s our recipes, the love that we put into them, the inclusion that we put into them, the acceptance that we cook with in this place is all the main ingredients,” said Viramontes.

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