3 suspects charged in Memphis robbery spree

Two men, woman charged in robbery spree

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis police have charged three people, two men and a woman, in a series of crimes. A car chase across the city Thursday led to their downfall.

Jamya Robinson was waiting on a customer at the Beauty Plaza on East Shelby Drive December 29.

The 21-year-old said she saw a man holding a gun in the air.

"At this point I was terrified. I was frightened for my life and I've never had a gun flashed to my face before pointing directly at my face," said Robinson.

She immediately got on the ground and started crawling but realized he knew where she was.

"I had my head to him. I didn't want to die," said Robinson.

She said the armed man asked for all of the money in the register and she gave it to him, which was 3,400 dollars.

"He said B this ain't all your money give me the rest of it or I'm going to shoot you," said Robinson.

Memphis police charged two men and a woman inn connection with that robbery and two others.

The trio was arrested Thursday after a chase through the city from Metro PCS on Elvis Presley to an apartment complex in Hickory Hill.

Police said the suspects took 1,200 dollars from Metro PCS and employees' cell phones.

A woman was driving the getaway car, a white Nissan Altima.

The same woman was seen inside a Mapco on Summer Avenue December 19.

Soon after, an armed man came in, stole 50 dollars from the cash register and robbed the clerk.

He left in the same White Nissan Altima.

Robinson said she remembers the woman.

"She came in earlier and I checked her out not knowing and then she left," said Robinson.

It was soon after that the robbery happened.

She said the frightening experience made her remember how she almost didn’t get a kiss form her mother that day because she was running late.

"I just thank God I got that small little kiss form my Mom because that meant a lot to me," said Robinson.

The suspects charged in the robberies are Calvin Barber, Shaun Smith and Kenya Singleton.

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