Community helps the family of fire victims

Community helps family of fire victims

MARKS, MS (WMC) - Mid-Southerners are stepping up to help a family that lost three loved ones in a fire in Marks, Mississippi.

Family and friends gathered for a memorial Friday.

On December 29, a fire destroyed the Golden family home.

The fire killed Dana Jones' 51-year-old mother Nancy Golden, her 62-year-old aunt Thelma Collins and her 55-year-old uncle Robert Collins.

“She was a big hearted person. And that’s the one thing I’m going to take with me,” said Jones.

A great majority of the small Mississippi town came together for support.

"A lot of love. There's been a lot of love from everyone," said Jones.

The cremation services were donated free of charge, thanks to Randy Hester and Kimbro Funeral Home.

“It’s about making a profit in this business, but sometimes it’s about making a difference,” said Hester.

Hester and the Marks community have been raising money to support the Golden family.

He showed WMC copies of the dozens of checks from people that have come to help.

"From all over! It's not just our community, but it's others that are willing to give and help," said Hester.

Jones said she is very appreciative of the help.

She is doing her best to remember the happy times with her mother.

“There’s a song that my mom loves called Sissy’s song by Alan Jackson. And it says in there, it says that she’s smiling down saying don’t worry about me. And that’s how I take that. I’m not too worried about them being gone because they’re always going to be here,” said Jones.

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