Police remove coyote from bathroom of Nashville convention center

Police remove coyote from bathroom of Nashville convention center
Authorities removed the coyote after convention center employees corralled it into a bathroom.

NASHVILLE, TN (Gray News) – Police removed a scared, confused coyote after it wandered into Music City Center in Nashville on Sunday night.

Metro Nashville Police tweeted a photo of the coyote, which convention center officials told WSMV ran past a security checkpoint around 10:20 p.m. and entered an exhibit hall.

Employees working there were able to corral the animal into a bathroom.

Police and Metro Animal Control soon responded and used catch poles to lead the coyote to Officer Brenna Hosey’s police car.

Hosey then drove the coyote to a wooded area and released it.

Metro officials said the rapid expansion of the city is forcing animals like the coyote out of their natural habitats.

"I definitely don’t see this as something going away,” Lauren Blackstone, the director of Metro Animal Control, told WSMV. “I think with the buildup of Nashville, and how quickly construction is happening, we’re just taking away their habitat, so they do have to go somewhere.”

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