Former Memphis leader of Vice Lords gang shot, killed

Former Memphis leader of Vice Lords gang shot, killed

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Sources confirm a man shot and killed last week was a former, self-confessed gang leader who exposed the inner-workings of the Vice Lords during a high profile 2006 trial.

Law enforcement sources say 49-year-old Ronald Terry, who was found shot to death last Thursday, is the former local kingpin of the nationwide Vice Lords street gang.

Memphis police confirm Terry and a woman were found dead in a car parked near the intersection of Imogene Street and Dwight Road.

In 2006 Terry was on trial, charged with the attempted murder of another Vice Lord member. Midway through closing arguments, Terry changed his plea, admitting to the crime, but before doing so gave jurors a detailed look at the Vice Lords' organization.

“They form a committee from each branch, that’s what makes up the nation, not no one person,” Terry said in 2006.

Terry served time in prison and was released in 2016.

One day after Terry’s death, a warning from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation was broadcast on the Memphis police scanners regarding the Vice Lords and the potential threat to local law enforcement.

When asked whether or not the warning was connected to Terry’s death, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations referred to a statement sent last week:

“We were requested to provide a situational awareness message to law enforcement agencies for general officer safety. There is no specific threat. Because the message was requested by another agency as part of ongoing investigative efforts, we’re not able to provide any other specifics.”

Memphis police said the homicide investigation is ongoing.

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