Pastor shot confronting burglar in driveway may lose eye

Pastor shot confronting burglar in driveway may lose eye

SHELBY COUNTY, TN (WMC) - A Shelby County pastor is in the hospital after being shot multiple times by a burglar he confronted outside his home.

Pastor Brett Frans has undergone surgery at Regional Medical Center but may lose sight in his right eye.

“It was so traumatizing,” said his wife Diana. “I can’t even, I don’t even like reliving it. I’m so thankful he wasn’t killed.”

Diana said her husband may lose his eye after he confronted a prowler in the driveway of their Millington home.

“Hit my husband right in the face or shot him,” Diana said. “Then he just unloaded his gun on him.”

Shelby County Sheriff’s investigators said it happened around 11:30 Monday night.

Neighbors said the suspect, Johnathan Lee, was going from house to house in a rural area of North Shelby County.

Johnathan Lee
Johnathan Lee

A neighbor shared video from his surveillance camera showing what is believed to be Lee going through cars. Diana said she noticed someone in her driveway and told her husband.

"He got his gun and decided to put it in like his pocket just in case,” Diana said.

Diana said her husband told Lee to get out of his car and he was going to call law enforcement.

She said that’s when Lee shot at her husband, who managed to get one shot off, hitting Lee near his abdomen.

Pastor Frans managed to make it back to his door.

“He fell onto the floor,” Diana said. “I was trying to call 911.”

Investigators captured Lee as he walked down Covington Pike.

You can see where the tool case on the back of Pastor Frans' truck was pried open. His pistol was also missing from his console.

Brett Frans is pastor at Calvary Bible Church in Munford.

"I could have lost my husband,” Diana said. Diana believes their faith saved her husband.

"We do believe it’s nothing short of a miracle,” Diana said.

Lee is charged with burglary and attempted second-degree murder.

Investigators say he confessed to the burglaries but denied any involvement in the shooting.

Lee does have a record for mostly driving offenses.

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