Puppy born with upside-down paws gets corrective surgery

Puppy born with upside-down paws gets corrective surgery

STILLWATER, OK (KFOR/CNN) An Oklahoma puppy born with his paws upside down is getting a new lease on life.

Milo is a great little puppy who's already faced a great hurdle at just eight weeks old. He was born with a problem with his elbows, leaving his tiny little paws facing the wrong way.

Jennie Hayes runs Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary in Luther. She took Milo in from a breeder.

His condition left him only able to do a sort of crawl around. He really needed surgery to walk.

“He wouldn`t have had any quality of life past another month or two, so it was definitely required,” Hayes explained.

Dr. Erik Clary at Oklahoma State’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences said Milo's condition is very rare, and surgery was nothing short of complicated.

"For each of his elbows, we had to go into the joint and get his elbow back into alignment,” Clary said. “So once we did that, then we had to place a pin across his joint to keep things stable."

Now Milo is back home with Hayes, nearing the middle of a three-week recovery process in a front body splint.

“I think all the vet students must be girls because this is the second cast change and both of them were pink,” Hayes said with a chuckle. “He is a boy.”

The splint will be removed in a couple of weeks so they can take out his pins.

It’s going to take a lot of rehab, and if his elbows stay in place for the first three weeks, he really does have a good chance at walking normally one day.

For now, he's doing well. But as you can imagine, it's hard on the little guy to stand still.

Though life has tried to knock him down, Milo is fighting back.

Hayes has not decided if Milo will be put up for adoption.

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