Clemson’s White House fast food feast gets the ‘Saturday Night Live’ treatment

Trump delivers major announcement on border, shutdown

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It’s been almost a week since the National Champion Clemson Tigers visited the White House and were greeted by President Donald Trump and a buffet of fast food.

Since a number of celebrities have offered the Clemson Tigers a meal befitting the team that took down the dominant Alabama Crimson Tide, long-running sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live decided to go the route of Burger King and mock the president, along with other notable political figures during the show’s cold open on Jan. 19.

President Trump personally pays for Clemson's fast food feast

In it, SNL cast member Pete Davidson is seen wearing a Clemson sweatshirt as the cast plays Deal or No Deal and he opens a box of “hamberders.” The show’s cold open depicts the president playing Deal or No Deal with suitcases that include deals that could end the government shutdown.

The skit references the president’s Saturday address, in which he offered a compromise. Democratic leaders rebuffed the deal on social media before the president even spoke.

In the skit, President Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, ends the shutdown over a case of White Castle hamburgers.

After the team’s visit in Washington, DC, the president made the “hamberders” typo in a tweet, that’s since been deleted and replaced.

As for the White House meal, the president did pay for the meal - which the Washington Post totaled to less than $3,000 - because a number of the White House kitchen staff are furloughed due to the on-going partial government shutdown.

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