Government workers still without pay; President Trump offers budget deal

President Trump offers budget deal

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - As the government shutdown reaches Day 29, federal workers still have not received a paycheck.

One federal government employee said she is frustrated and is now back to work without pay.

She wants political leaders on both sides to think of the thousands of families struggling and come to an agreement.

Erin Swift has worked for the IRS for 5 years in the Getwell office.

She and her 3,600 co-workers were called back to work Thursday, without pay, to start processing tax returns.

"It's stressful, emotionally it's draining," said Swift.

Swift said she has now missed 2 paychecks. At this point, her family is using their savings to pay for daily expenses.

"I have a small son, we have a family, my husband works but we're a two income family," said Swift.

Swift said she knows of co-workers and other federal employees without savings built up who are struggling.

"Some have even had to remove their children from daycare because they just can't afford it. Some people don't even have the gas money to get to work," said Swift.

Swift doesn't blame anyone in particular for the on-going shutdown, she simply wants all sides to figure out a solution.

"No, I don't point my finger at any one party. I just feel like those higher up should be able to go in and discuss those things and still consider those that are working every day to make the government run," said Swift.

Saturday, President Trump proposed what he said is a compromise to reopen the government.

"This is a common sense compromise both parties should embrace," said Trump.

The plan includes 5.7 billion dollars for a wall on the Southern Border with Mexico among other border-related funding.

Some concessions made by the White House include extending legal status and protection for 700,000 DACA recipients and a 3-year extension for 300,000 immigrants facing deportation.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded with a statement saying the deal is a non-starter and offers no permanent solutions for dreamers, making a resolution in the near future very unlikely.

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander called the deal sensible Saturday.

Fellow Senator Marsha Blackburn said it has bipartisan support.

Meanwhile, Representative Steve Cohen was interviewed on MSNBC and said President Trump has not worked with Democrats on this deal.

He also said Trump is holding federal government employees as hostages.

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