Nonprofit collects items for unpaid federal workers during government shutdown

Nonprofit collects items for unpaid federal workers during government shutdown

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Over the weekend, President Donald Trump made an offer on immigration in hopes to end the government shutdown.

But with Congress out for Martin Luther King Day, no deal is in sight.

Now, furloughed workers could will miss a second paycheck expected this week.

Friday is payday for federal government employees, likely to be the second pay-less payday for them.

The community continues to extend a lending hand during a time that many are struggling.

Food banks across the county have stepped in to fill in for paychecks as government shutdown drags on.

An estimated 17,000 Mid-Southerners are impacted by the partial government shutdown, now in its 31st day.

From TSA employees, food inspectors, to IRS workers, all federal employees are feeling the pinch from the missed paycheck.

“Normally we feed and clothe the homeless on Martin Luther King Day, so we decided to direct the attention to the government shutdown, furlough because they are in need,” said Stanley Campbell from House of Mtenzi Museum.

Inside the back room of House of Mtenzi Museum on Madison Avenue are boxes of donated items to fill those needs, from food and toiletries to hats and scarves.

“This whole government shutdown thing is really touching,” Campbell said. “You wonder like ‘wow man, you may be one step away from being homeless.’”

In a tweet Sunday night, President Donald Trump called the nearly 800,000 workers affected by the government shutdown “great patriots” and thanked them for continuing to work despite not getting paid.

With no end in sight, Campbell knows families are scrambling to make ends meets as they brace for a second missed paycheck. Some find themselves turning to charity for the first time.

“If we can help one or two or three families that’s in need that’s a blessing,” Campbell said.

Campbell said he will continue to collect items for families affected by the shutdown and distribute to them until the government reopens.

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