Rosecrest residents desperate for help after losing power during freezing cold

Although power was restored Sunday, a multitude of problems remain at complex

Rosecrest residents desperate for help after losing power during freezing cold

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Residents at the Rosecrest Apartments in Midtown Memphis are fed up.

They said they haven’t had heat for more than 24 hours over the weekend and reached out to WMC Action News 5 for help.

They also said that's just one of several major issues.

The temperature dropped to 25 degrees Saturday night. Residents said they wore jackets and turned on their ovens to stay warm.

It turns out, we've done stories on other problems in these apartments in the past.

“Well I feel like I pay rent for nothing,” said resident Renee Hall.

They said they haven’t had heat or hot water since Friday night and with temperatures below freezing, they say they’re lucky no one has been seriously hurt.

“Oh it’s been terribly cold,” Hall said. “I’m disabled, she’s disabled, and when we’re cold like this we hurt.”

“They should do something about this,” said resident Rachel Jamison. “This is just terrible.”

There are other complaints, too – they showed us mold in the ceiling tiles, a broken back door, and they say they have squatters who sleep in the laundry room.

“We pay a building fee each month, what is it going for?” Hall said.

This isn’t the first-time residents have had serious problems with Rosecrest.

This past July, WMC5’s Janice Broach heard residents’ concerns with the elevators not working in the 10-story high rise, making disabled resident take the stairs.

Those elevators still weren’t fixed when we were there Sunday.

In June 2017, residents told WMC Action News 5 they lost power for days, something they say is still a regular occurrence.

They point the blame at the apartment’s management company Lennox.

“Lennox needs to be held accountable for everything going on with us,” Jamison said.

WMC5 called the emergency number for the Rosecrest Apartments, but no one answered.

Meanwhile, these residents said the heat finally came back on Sunday afternoon, but there are so many other problems and they are desperate.

“Please help us,” Hall said. “Do something! We need help out here.”

WMC5’s Chris Luther spoke with Jonathan Wogan with Lennox on the phone Sunday night.

He said the heat went out Saturday due to a power outage, and crews were there to get the heat working again Saturday.

He also said the owners have repeatedly repaired the elevators and plan to redo all the elevators.

Wogan also said Lennox only manages the apartments; they are owned by an equity group.

Sunday night, City of Memphis official Arlenia Cole called the WMC5 newsroom as this story aired and said she would work to get code enforcement officials out to the complex as soon as possible.

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