Residents say they’re tired of illegal dumping in their neighborhood

Residents say they're tired of illegal dumping in their neighborhood

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Illegally dumped tires line a Memphis street, sitting in front of a group of townhomes.

It’s a tire dumping story that WMC5 has done countless times.

Community activist Patricia Rogers said the dumping at Fox Hollow Townhomes is becoming hazardous to residents’ health.

The townhomes have been on the city's radar for years.

These homes aren’t just a haven for dumping tires – people are also dumping just about everything else, and something needs to be done.

“You know this is a mess,” Rogers said. “OK, we're talking about MLK Jr. Day. Dr. King would be turning over in his grave.”

Rogers said the Fox Hollow Townhomes is no dream – it's a nightmare.

Two years ago, she organized a clean up for the MLK Days of Service. This year she called it off, saying it was too dangerous with soiled mattresses, clothes, and furniture.

“Right now we're in a state of emergency, because you have garbage that could become a health hazard,” Rogers said.

The problems at these individually owned townhomes are well-documented. Property owners have been dragged into environmental court and code enforcement has been called out.

Last summer certain sections of Fox Hollow Townhomes were demolished, but still the problem persists.

“How long do you want to live in a place where they’re just going to dump trash?” asked one man who didn’t want to be identified.

The man said people move out and leave their trash behind. He also said word has gotten out that this is a place to toss your junk.

“This has been an issue since Day 1 since I've been on the city council,” said Memphis City Councilmember Patrice Robinson.

Robinson said she's reached out to Public Works and is open to the idea of adding a SkyCop to catch who's dumping the trash.

“We need some corporation by the citizens that live in that area. If nothing else, if they're not putting that trash out there, they know who is dropping it off,” Robinson said.

Just a reminder: the city will pick up four tires curbside. If you live in the county, you can drop them off on Liberty Tire on Elvis Presley.

If you see illegal dumping, call 311 and report it.

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