Super Bowl commercials are coming: Are you ready to watch?

The ads cost $5 million each to air

Super Bowl commercials: Who's in, Who's in

(Gray News) – The Super Bowl. It might just be the only sporting event in TV where fans stick around for the commercials.

Advertisers go big for the big game. When you’re paying about $5 million to air a 30-second spot, you want to keep folks glued to their seats.

Companies shell out the money because the audience is huge. The Super Bowl typically attracts more than 100 million viewers.

Viewership has lagged a bit in recent years, but, still, that’s an awful lot of eyeballs.

Plenty of Super Bowl advertisers are getting an early start, debuting their commercials ahead of the game or at least teasing them.

Some are silly. Some depend on star power. And others take up social causes.

These are just a few of the Super Bowl commercials for 2019:

Colgate – Close Talker

A new toothpaste makes even closer talkers bearable. Or does it?

Pepsi – “Lil Jon’s Long Pour”

The Grammy award winner delivers his trademark “OK."

Bumble – Serena Williams #InHerCourt

The dating app ad champions women’s equality.

Old Spice – “Running on Empty”

There’s trouble in paradise when a man’s significant other uses his body wash.

Budweiser – “Wind Never Felt Better”

The brew’s trademark Clydesdales return in this ad featuring Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind.” Oh, and there’s a Dalmatian too.

Avocados From Mexico – “Chorus”

Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth tries to school a trio of canines to sing the company’s jingle.

Bubly – Bublé vs bubly

The ad for Pepsi’s sparkling water goes for a bit of visual wordplay with singer Michael Bublé.

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