Mid-South Food Bank low on supplies as government shutdown continues

Mid-South Food Bank low on supplies

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The Mid-South Food Bank’s supplies are running low as furloughed employees turn to them for help during a time when donations dwindle.

Laura Babot and Emily Dunn caravanned to The Mid-South Food Bank’s mobile pantry, waiting two hours to pick up essential items to restock their shelves.

They were among the hundreds who lined the streets outside the North Frayser Community Center.

The line for food formed five hours before any boxes were handed out.

“We definitely need the help. Our children, like I said are at home, wondering when their daddy is going to get paid again,” said Babot.

Their husbands both serve in the coastguard and are among the estimated 17,000 Mid-southerners affected by the government shutdown.

"We’ve never had to worry where the next paycheck was coming from because he had a contract and now he still has a contract but he is not getting paid," said Dunn.

The Mid-South Food Bank said they are treating the shutdown like a disaster relief situation because of the surplus in people needing their help as.

Some of the most needed items are peanut butter or foods to keep you warm, like vegetable soup.

“People are generous during the holidays and often times they have donor fatigue after that,” said MSFB CEO Estella Mayhue-Greer.

Already, the Mid-South Food Bank has served 2,000 government families on top of serving 400,000 people in the area who face food insecurities.

Staff members are now working overtime to keep up with the new demand.

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