Arkansas bill to give firefighters cancer-sick leave

Arkansas bill to give firefighters cancer-sick leave

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A newly proposed Arkansas bill aims to provide firefighters with cancer-sick leave.

State Representative Nicole Clowney proposed the bill, called "Crump's Law."

It is named after a firefighter who was forced to return to work, while also fighting stage 4 cancer.

Arkansas does provide benefits if a firefighter dies from cancer contracted by fighting fires.

However, it does not provide benefits while battling cancer.

"Our firefighters deserve better, Nathaniel Crump deserved better. The men and women who selflessly serve our communities deserve our support," said Clowney.

If approved, the bill would provide up to one-year of sick leave.

Clowney said firefighters have the communities' backs in times of crisis and it is now time to do the same for them.

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