App created by Rhodes College students takes off

College student app for work expanding

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - An idea that started in a Rhodes College dorm room is now putting 450 students in Memphis to work, at a convenient time for them.

The QuickFix app was a dream that Ben Siegel and his business partner, Parker Pell, shared.

However, when the two Rhodes College kids were short on cash they picked up odd jobs to earn a quick buck.

The two then turned that it into a business, calling it “QuikFix.”

"It was originally for a way for us to make money and then City Memphis received this so well we are getting so many jobs we had to reach out to our friends and say hey will you come help with moving the furniture you’re going to make $15," said Pell.

Their idea is simple, connect college students looking for fast cash with homeowners wanting to cross items off their honey-do lists.

"The company was blowing up to portion where we were having to leave class to get them and take calls from people get their jobs in because this is something that we’ve always wanted to do and what kind of turn into a hobby is now a full-time business," said Pell.

Last year, Memphis homeowners scheduled over 4,000 hours of work through QuikFix, paying college students more than $60,000.

The business has grown, expanding to Fayetteville, Arkansas and Nashville.

"When we started we really had no idea where it was going to go," said Siegel.

Homeowners are connected with fully vetted college students through QuikFix’s website.

They post a job and students pick up the gig making $15 an hour.

“Students who need to make money to for car loans, student loans or you’re just feeling go and eat with friends honestly are able to go and make that money doing odd jobs around peoples homes,” said Pell.

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