MS Broadband Act passes, bringing high speed internet to state

MS Broadband Act passes, bringing high speed internet to state

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - High-speed internet is finally headed to all of Mississippi, thanks to the new Broadband Act signed into law last week.

However, web surfers may still have to wait a little longer for super-fast service.

"That was a critical thing, getting it enacted, but the real work is coming up," said Kevin Doddridge, GM and CEO NorthCentral Electric Power Association.

This new law allows non-profit power cooperatives all over Mississippi like NorthCentral to bring internet service through fiber optic cables on power poles.

Unfortunately, Doddridge said Mississippians who want fast internet now will have to be patient.

"We're definitely talking more years than months," Doddridge said.

NorthCentral has already laid some fiber cables for use within the company but has hundreds of miles more to install.

The power cooperative also has to go through the painstaking process of setting up a telecommunications company as well.

Hunter McDonald lives in Southaven and said his family is looking forward to faster internet.

"My mom they live down in Eudora area, and you can't do anything on the internet,” McDonald said. “Yeah, it's terrible."

A lot has to be determined in the coming years, but Doddridge said the work for NorthCentral is already underway.

“It should be a great economic boost,” Doddridge said. “It’s going to take a lot of work, some grants, some financing to pull it off.”

"As long as the pricing is good, as long as they don't up-charge it too much, it could be perfect!" McDonald said.

Doddridge hopes faster internet helps people who live in rural parts of the state get good paying jobs or supports stronger businesses.

Tennessee and Arkansas already have similar laws in place.

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