1 week later, Memphis family continues search for missing 85-year-old

1 week later, Memphis family continues search for missing 85-year-old

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Memphis family is trying to raise reward money, hoping it leads to answers about an elderly woman missing for a week now.

The Shelby County Sheriff's office got tip Monday that the 85-year-old missing woman was spotted earlier in the afternoon.

Was it credible? So far it has not panned out, but the family is not giving up, even trying to raise money for a reward.

"We're getting tips from all over and no tip is a bad tip,” said son Kim Duckett.

Sheriff’s investigators said a tipster said a woman fitting the description of the elderly mother of seven was seen walking at Thomas and Frayser around 12:45 p.m., about six miles from her home. Kim said early on, there were very credible tips.

"There were a lot of people who were actually credible tips that actually seen her but just thought she was a woman walking, so when you see something say something,” Kim said.

Pandora Duckett (Source: SCSO)
Pandora Duckett (Source: SCSO)

The family said in the week before Pandora disappeared, she kept talking about the need to go to work at TJ Maxx on Summer Avenue where she worked for 10 years until 2017.

On the day she disappeared, a woman drove her to a nearby convenience store where she went inside. The woman dropped her off near her home.

She told the woman she lived in the house where she was dropped off, but it was the wrong house.

Pandora has only lived in the house near Raleigh for a month and a half. She lived near the Jackson area for 20 years.

Kim said his mother suffered from Alzheimer’s but was frequently lucid.

He said despite being 85, she was in good physical shape. The family is not giving up and has a message for anyone out there.

“Keep their eyes open,” Kim said. “No tip is a bad tip. If you see anything big or small, please call.”

The Duckett family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for a reward.

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